The Academy Of Baking & Pastry Arts

To train the passionate chefs of the future. To promote solid technique and craft. To foster the joy, artistry and camaraderie that is food. For those who wish to begin the journey of mastering their craft --Or those who simply love to cook.


The 5 Day Catering Certificate Program



Learn new recipes to impress your clients with our catering program. Whether you love to cook and bake for fun, starting a new career or want to improve your culinary and baking skills, join us!

Learn canapes from Peck Duck Samosas, Masala Grilled Shrimp with Raita, boozy desserts from Burbon Peach Cheesecake, Tequila Sunrise Cupcakes, Cake Pops, Fresh Fruit Tarts, Ravioli, Baos and More! 

This workshop is for all levels, everything is provided, You will get you a chef uniform, recipe book and take home incredible dishes everyday! 


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Please note that registration is not complete until payment is received. Payments can be made online or by visiting the Academy.

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