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To train the passionate chefs of the future. To promote solid technique and craft. To foster the joy, artistry and camaraderie that is food. For those who wish to begin the journey of mastering their craft --Or those who simply love to cook.


The Baking & Pastry Arts Certificate Program




Welcome to our Signature Introduction to Pastry Arts Program!

Designed for The Academy by Internationally renowned chefs. Our students will benefit from a rigorous curriculum designed for those seeking a professional career in the field of Baking and Pastry Arts.This is a 6 month, 2 semester, intensive Pastry Arts program and includes a 3 month internship within the industry. Made up of 360 hours of technique artistry and learning. Lessons are taught through demonstration, practicals, lectures and examinations.

This course covers the essentials for entering the food industry as a baker/entrepreneur or professional pastry cook or baker. It serves as an in depth exposure to fundamental pastry and baking theory, terminology, food handling standards, kitchen operations, production organisation and timing skills through hands on experience of classical and modern baking techniques. Lectures on food safety, costing and menu planning are included. 

Payment plans are available at 7 monthly payments of $8500.00 

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