The Academy Of Baking & Pastry Arts

To train the passionate chefs of the future. To promote solid technique and craft. To foster the joy, artistry and camaraderie that is food. For those who wish to begin the journey of mastering their craft --Or those who simply love to cook.


The Certificate In Culinary Arts


Always dreamed of going to culinary school? Follow your dream and become a highly trained professional chef in our state of the art facility. Explore International Culinary traditions, global cuisines and current trends with our Culinary Arts Program.
Learn the skills from Knife Skills, Soups, Salads, Poaching, Breakfast Cookery, Grilling, Pan Sauces, Fish Butchery Mother Sauces and much more!

This Program was created with the Culinary Novice in mind. It is designed to provide students with the essential cooking techniques and culinary grounding to master classic and modern cooking techniques. You will learn all the important cooking methods from simple roasting to mousse making. As you advance through the series, you will gradually come to understand each cooking concept.

Over the course of seventeen lessons, you will have a firm grasp of ingredients and equipment, know why things happen, prepare popular dishes from specific cuisines, learn the basics of plating and also learn how to correct mistakes. Most importantly, you will gain the experience you need to cook with confidence and pleasure, without relying strictly on recipes. 

Tuition includes uniforms, text books, all learning materials and a fully equipt tool kit, we provide everything!

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