The Academy Of Baking & Pastry Arts

To train the passionate chefs of the future. To promote solid technique and craft. To foster the joy, artistry and camaraderie that is food. For those who wish to begin the journey of mastering their craft --Or those who simply love to cook.


The 5 Day Culinary Intensive Certificate Program


Learn to cook like a pro! Follow your dream and passion for cooking, a fabulous stepping stone for those passionate about the Culinary World. Tuition includes uniforms, learning material, ingredients, everything is provided! A new year, new you!
Day 1: Knife Skills, Soups, Salads
Day 2: Sautéing, Grilling Blanching and Macerating
Day 3: Roasting, Baking and Grain Cookery
Day 4: Braising, Pan Sauces and Seafood Cooking
Day 5: Breakfast Cookery
Come, bring your passion! 

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