The Academy Of Baking & Pastry Arts

To train the passionate chefs of the future. To promote solid technique and craft. To foster the joy, artistry and camaraderie that is food. For those who wish to begin the journey of mastering their craft --Or those who simply love to cook.


A new Baking Academy comes to the Caribbean!

A Baking Academy that fosters connections to the industry. Our mission is to produce chefs who can function creatively in the modern baking industry. We teach real life skills to prepare you for entrepreneurship and the industry. "Our love affair with food requires greater technical skill and knowledge. The Academy presents an opportunity to train the Pastry Chefs of the future for Trinidad and the wider region. We have created an outstanding facility, with a rigorous curriculum, taught by experienced, trained Chef Instructors. Come.... Bring your Passion."

- Juliette Petit, Chef/Owner